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 Replace Laces with our
Baseball Glove Lace Repair Kit and use Glove Oil to Recondition your Prized Baseball Glove

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Get your glove in shape.  Repair you baseball Glove Laces and Recondition your Prized Glove with Glove Oil
 Your Glove its one of your Tools that make you Look Good...So make it look Sharp.

Glove Lacing Kit includes leather lacing material
and safety handle steel needle..
Baseball Accessories
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Prices Include 2 Day Priority Mail

Glove Oil Conditions and Preserves leather.br> It is a must have for breaking in your new glove or reconditioning and keeping the old one in its best playing condition.
Available in a 4oz bottle.

The first and only weighted system on the market that can be used to hit “live” (with a pitcher) batting practice, the
Hitting Jack-It System comes in four sizes to assist
progressive training.

The Hitting Jack-It System works with all baseball, which enables players to develop their strength and power during live batting practice sessions and when hitting off tees.

Just clips on to the barrel below the label

9 oz. – Ages 8 and up – Increase Bat Speed
12 oz. – Ages 12 and up – Increase Strength
16 oz. – Ages 15 and up – Increase Power
21 oz. – Ages 15 and up – “On-deck” size builds
Big League Power


Kick off your season with this EvoShield exclusive item – The Spring Starter Kit – which includes an Arm Sleeve, Wrist Guard and Elbow Guard at a great price. For now, this kit is only available in COLOR: BLACK..Kick off your season with this EvoShield exclusive item – The Spring Starter Kit – which includes an Arm Sleeve, Wrist Guard and Elbow Guard at a great price. For now, this kit is only available in COLOR: BLACK..

Brett Bros. Leather Baseball Bracelet

Eye Black 
  indirect light does more than make players blink. It creates "veiling glare," which reduces their ability to see clearly. Wearing eye black won't keep this optical phenomenon from happening, but it can tone it down.
SKLZ Travel Tee

This light yet durable portable baseball hitting tee quickly folds up and fits into any bat bag, allowing you to train no matter where you go. An adjustable height and sturdy tripod configuration make this versatile travel tee a great training aid for baseball players of all ages and skill levels..
Features•Quicklyfolds out for easy assemblyy
•Adjustable height for any strike zonee
•Folds down and fits easily into bat bagss
•Flexible rubber neck provides give and stabilityy
•Tripod configuration provides stability•Tripod configuration provides stability

The answer to taking hitting practice before a game or steeping into the batting cage for batting practice is to get at least 25-30 swings using our (PowerWiffs)  With these supper realistic poly plastic 9" baseballs with embossed red threads enable you to get an eye on how the ball looks when thrown by a pitcher. Tested by the Northwest Independent Baseball League with little to no plastic PowerWiffsTM baseballs splitting when hit by adult hitters using wood or composite wood bats. These 9" plastic training baseballs are perforated for restricted flight. They are great for up close batting drills or indoor play during the off season
Shoulder Ice Wrap/Shoulder Heat Wrap, Knee, Ankle, Wrist, Back, Elbow Wrap
Shoulder Ice Wrap/Shoulder Heat Wrapp
Shoulder Ice Wrap/Shoulder Heat Wrap byy ActiveWrap®Throwing Athletess

This is a complete shoulder therapy solution. It's a shoulder ice wrap and a shoulder heat wrap all-in-one! Designed for injury specific adjustability and full freedom of movement during usage. Total comfort for any size shoulder, big or small. Just slip it on and start treating! Thee ActiveWrap®shoulder system is the nicest fitting shoulder ice wrap on the market! Unique rotator cuff strap design drives the cold to where you need it. This is a must have for rotator cuff injuries and any shoulder dependent or throwing athlete!!
◦SmMd (Chest under 40") Small-Slender Frame Individualss

◦LgXl (fits chest over 40"-56") (Arms over 16") Thicker/Muscular Frame Individualss
Shoulder Ice Wrap/Shoulder Heat Wrap, Knee, Ankle, Wrist, Back, Elbow Wrap
Knee, Legg
Knee Ice Wrap/Knee Heat Wrap byy ActiveWrap®
Patented for Targeted Relieff

This knee ice wrap and knee heat wrap combination treats all aspects of the leg. It truly is an all-in-one therapy solution. Thee ActiveWrap®knee system includes two large reusable heat and ice packs and a durable plush--prene™compress wrap. The support is equipped with generous 3" wide plush compression straps that can be spiraled around the support to provide focused compression and easy fastening. This is not your typical drugstore ice pack for the knee. Unlike patches and other one time use pain relief products,, ActiveWrap®is built for years of use. Thee ActiveWrapKnee Ice Wrap/Knee Heat Wrap is the absolute finest therapy wrap on the market today..
Leg Heat Ice Wrapp
Patented design allows the soft, reusable heat and ice packs to be adjusted and positioned anywhere throughout the wrap for targeted relief. Use the knee ice wrap without thermal inserts to provide therapeutic warmth to the knee. Mostt cryotherapyapplications call for only one pack during a treatment leaving you with an extra ice pack ready to go to continuously cycle in when you need it..
Use Medicare codee A4466
Can also be used for Thigh (quad or hamstring)  and Calf  areass

Sm-Md(under 18” thigh - slender frame including most youth) Measure thigh 3" above kneee
LgXL (over 18” thigh-most adults) Measure thigh 3" above kneee

Pelican Bat Wax Bat Grip
Pelican Bat Wax has been tested on both amateur and professional fields and has found its way into the hands of the baseball players from Youth Leagues,
High School, College, Independent Leagues,
 Minor Leagues and
Major League Players

Hitting jack-it batting weights for better bat speed
Power Hitting Hitting Jack-it

Shoulder Ice Wrap/Shoulder Heat Wrap
Knee, Ankle, Wrist, Back, Elbow Wrap

What are you doing to be ready
for the 2013 season?

Popper-Upper the 1 man soft toss for year round batting practice

DeMarini Baseball Bats
Baseball Pitching Machine
pitching machine batting machine

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Composite Wood bats priced from $89 to $189 with 3-4 month warranty

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PowerWood BBCOR.50 Wood Bat

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BBCOR.50 Baden Axe Handle
Wood Composite


Sandlot Stiks
Maple and Ash Pro Wood w/ink

Selling Youth Wood Bats

Fungo Bats 4 Sale

The new way to hit without a tee

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Microtech fabric offers superior moisture protection.

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Buying a wood bat is the most important item for today's ball player.  Please look our selections over as these bats have been recommended by over 380 players of the
Northwest Independent Baseball League
a 16 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon.

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