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HITTERS WELCOME: Composite Wood bats priced from $65 to $179 with 3-6 month warranty      
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KR3 Maple Magnum Composite
KR3 Hickory Magnum Composite
KR3 Maple and Ash Pro Wood Bats


Just the Best Selling Wood Bats, Composite Wood Bats, Fungo Bats, and Baseball Equipment for Demanding Baseball Teams and Serious Independent, Adult, College, High School, and Youth Baseball Players   Testimonials

NEW for 2018
Eagle Magnum ULTRA  M243 Knob .965 Handle 2.61 Barrel 33/30, 34/31 in stock
New extra large barrel at 2.61 and a 90 day Warranty

KR3 Eagle Magnum 2.61 in Barrel Baseball Bat 90 Day Warranty
Bat Length
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KR3 Eagle Magnum
BBCOR.50 Certified, IBAF Approved, CEB Certified
Youth, High School, College, and Adult Wood Bat Leagues
Eagle Magnum M243 Knob .965 Handle 2.55 Barrel
Eagle Magnum M243 Knob .965 Handle 2.55 Barrel
Highest Density Core of Premium Hard Rock Canadian Maple Hand selected with unique
vacuum drying process allows wood sap to fill in wood matrix. Fiberglass biaxial sleeving
applied with rock resin epoxy.  
60 Day Warranty
Highest Density Core of Premium Canadian Maple
Eagle Magnum i13 Knob Handle .965 2.51 Barrel

Highest Density Core of Premium Canadian Maple
Eagle Magnum M271  Flare Handle .965 2.45 Barrel

Available spring 2016 Eagle Magnum P5 Flare  Handle .965 2.50 Barrel call first
KR3 Eagle Magnum Baseball Bat
Bat Length
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Call First to check size Availability 503 208 2009

Offering the highest quality products and service to all of our customers is their first priority.  Innovative wood/composite materials are added to magnum series bats to increase performance and durability. The Eagle Magnum is the best of Fiberglass wrapped handles and extends 22 inches up the barrel
Eagle Magnums carry 60 day warranty.
We work closely with many players, teams and companies in many
different countries and welcome all international orders.
BBCOR.50 Rated, IBAF Approved, CEB Certified
High School, College, and Adult Wood Bat Leagues

Maple Magnum  3 Month Warranty
Great Bat Speed 360 Degrees of Grain Aligned Canadian Hard Rock Maple M110
31, 32, 33, & 34 Inch Black Handle and Red Barrel

M271 White/Natural in 31, 32, 33, & 34 Inch   Gray/Natural also in 32 inch only

new Phoenix wood bats 4 sale Maple Magnum  M243  Black Handle and Crimson Flamed Barrel  32, 33, & 34 Inch in stock
With a Epoxy Coated Fiberglass Sleeve Knob to Label Highest Grade Canadian Rock Hard Maple

M243 Maple Magnum comes with a Factory 3 Month Warranty
KR3 Maple Magnum BBCOR.50 90 Day Factory Warranty
FREE Black Vulcan Grip
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KR3 is a wood bat company that knows the wood bat business. Located in Canada with access to the best wood in North America both Pro and Amateur Wood bats have been in use since 1908. Throughout the past 107 years skills and techniques were past down through many generations of families whose dedication and passion to be the best bat makers paid off. Over 70,000 Major League bats were made in the Pro Shop here at this factory.  In 2011, KR3 bats were approved by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and received approval for professional play in North America and Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) approval of 4 models BBCOR.50 Certified
Highest Density Core of Premium  Straight Grain 3 Ply Hi-Impact Birch
4 Outer Layers of Hard Maple with Grain  Alignment Laminated into Position to Ensure
Maximum Durability  Fiberglass Biaxial Sleeving with Rock Resin Epoxy
The All Wood Bat of the Future which has been tested in Canadian College labs and has been the focus of our R&D department for over 5 years. The design is a high density core made from our best Hi-Impact Timber, surrounded by 4 outer layers of our White Rock Maple with the grain alignment laminated accurately into position to ensure maximum durability. The bat is further strengthened with fiberglass biaxial sleeving applied with a rock resin epoxy. For a bat that not only lasts but remains solid and strong. Outstanding quality every time. Comes with a 90 day warranty  Available Turns: M243, C271, M110
Power tested by players in the NWIBL
BBCOR.50 Rated, IBAF Approved, CEB Certified
High School, College, and Adult Wood Bat Leagues

Standard M271 .965 Handle with a 2.45 high performance Barrel
6 Month Warranty
For the Power Hitter who wants the best. Hard as Steel & Bigger Harder Sweet Spot

Hickory Magnum
Free Vulcan Bat Grip
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6 Month Warranty
Hickory Magnum. Longest Warranty of all the Composite Wood Bats
Outer Layers Of A Wood So Hard It Sparks On The Lathe. Every year we make a limited supply available of the hardest most indestructible wood composite ever made. The design offers the same high density core as our Maple Magnum, however this core is wrapped in 4 outer layers of shear Iron Hard Hickory which offers a combination of larger sweet spot, strength, stiffness, hardness, elasticity and shock resistance not found in any other wood. This bat is also further strengthened with a fiberglass biaxial sleeve applied with a rock resin epoxy. There is no bat harder than KR3's Hickory Magnum.
Power tested by College and Adult players in the NWIBL

             6 Month Warranty all wood BBCOR.50 Certified

Hickory Magnum C271

Wood Technical Data

Species Weight Strength Stiffness Impact Hardness
Hard Maple 43.4 15800 1830 39" 1450
White Ash 41.5 15400 1770 43" 1320
Yellow Birch 42.4 16600 2010 55" 1260
Hickory 50.3 20200 2160 67" 1820



Do not hit on either the handle or the end of the bat. This is what causes most of the breakage.

In Stock The All Wood Bat with the Most Pop "POWERWOODTM" replace your old bat Now
Made for All Wood Bat Leagues and Teams with a 4 Month Warranty and it's BBCOR.50 Certified

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The answer to taking hitting practice before a game or steeping into the batting cage for batting practice is to get at least 25-30 swings using our (PowerWiffs)  With these supper realistic poly plastic 9" baseballs with embossed red threads enable you to get an eye on how the ball looks when thrown by a pitcher. Tested by the Northwest Independent Baseball League with little to no plastic PowerWiffsTM baseballs splitting when hit by adult hitters using wood or composite wood bats. These 9" plastic training baseballs are perforated for restricted flight. They are great for up close batting drills or indoor play during the off season

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