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Why we Sell Wood Bats...Because the Rule Book says to! That's how baseball's played!

Put a Batting Cage in your back yard

  • 40' - $485 (+ $70 shipping, requires 23 poles) - for young players and/or small yards
  • 50' - $567 (+ $75 shipping, requires 28 poles) - good for all ages
  • 60' - $649 (+ $80 shipping, requires 33 poles) - most popular and versatile
  • 70' - $732 (+ $85 shipping, requires 38 poles) - best for live hitting with live pitching

40' Batting Cage

40' Batting Cage w/ L-screen and #21 knotted nylon netting Requires 23 poles for frame.

Buy a 40', 50', 60', or 70' batting cage. The netting is made with high tenacity knotted nylon, which is quite a bit stronger and more durable than other nets made with made from poly net. The #21 knotted nylon has a burst strength of about 200 pounds per strand or 800 pounds per mesh. All batting cages come with a complete L-screen. They are built to last and give you years of enjoyment. Everything is included except the frame poles which you buy You just buy the standard 10' long 3/4" EMT poles locally at Lowe's or Home Depot.

The pole price, as of 6/24/2010 is $3.62 per pole.

70' Batting Cage

70' Batting Cage w/ L-screen and #21 knotted nylon netting  Requires 38 poles for frame
What we send you and what you have to buy.
You will receive one box approximately 42" long by 17" wide by 17" tall. Since we make 40', 50', 60', and 70' long cages your box will weigh 80, 90, 100, or 110 pounds, respectively. The box will contain the cage netting, cage connectors, L-screen netting, L-screen connectors, L-screen poles, extra twine, packing slip, copy of your invoice, and assembly instructions. You will have to buy the 10' poles for the frame. These are 3/4" EMT (electrical metallic tubing), standard electrical conduit. They are 10' long steel galvanized pipe. The trade name is "thin wall."  We buy ours at places like Lowe's or Home Depot. For the 40', 50', 60' or 70' cage you will need to buy 23, 28, 33, or 38 poles respectively. You will need a 7/16" wrench, we use a ratchet or socket wrench, assembly goes faster that way. That's it.
  • Affordable - Priced with the family in mind -- a 50' cage with #21 netting the price is only $567. This price includes netting, connectors, L-screen, and all hardware. No installation kits to buy, cement to pour, or holes to dig. (See note regarding shipping costs with and without poles on the Prices page.)
  • Durable - The system is stable and safe. It is a personal thing, but I like knotted nylon over poly net. I think knotted nylon netting is much stronger than poly net. It is strong, UV protected, and will last for years. The #21 gauge has a burst strength of 200 pounds per strand or about 800 pounds per mesh (diamond). Look or ask for the tenacity rating on knotted nylon. It is a measure of its strength and durability. An ok rating is 8. Good quality netting should be at least 9.0. Ours is above 9.
  • Portable - Unlike other cages, this system is PORTABLE! Two people can put up the cage in about 30 minutes, my son and I have put up a 50' cage in fifteen minutes. This works out great for a team practice. With help from your team, it will go up in minutes! It comes down in even less time. The L-screen is portable too, its support legs come off and the screen folds in half.
  • Flexible - Put up as few or as many sections as you like, up to the length of your cage. Each section is 10' long. It automatically fits the contour of your ground, which does not have to be level. It can be adjusted to fit narrower confines and can even be tapered to fit odd shaped spaces.
  • Versatile - Indoors or outdoors. Not only does it make a great outdoor batting cage, but it can be taken indoors during inclement weather or during winter to keep your players in shape. Utilize existing space and create an extra hitting station.


  • Dimensions - The cage is trapezoidal in shape: 10' tall, 10' wide at the top, and about 14' wide at the bottom. The poles are 3/4" EMT - Electrical Metallic Tubing. The trade name is "thin wall." The poles are 10' long steel galvanized pipe and available at hardware and electrical supply stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. The L-screen is 6.5' tall by 7' wide with a 3'x3.5' cutout.
  • Netting - The netting is 1 7/8" knotted nylon mesh. The #21 is rated at 200 lb. breaking strength per cord or 800 lb. per mesh. The netting hangs on the diamond, not on the square. This allows for more give when hit by a ball so there is less chance for tear and less abrasion. It also allows water to run-off more quickly. Here is a close-up snapshot of the #21 netting. One of the most important aspects of quality netting for batting cages is its tenacity. It should have a tenacity rating of at least 9.0.
  • UV Protection - The netting is dipped in a bonding agent for protection from weather and UV. Unlike other cage companies, our netting is dipped after the knots are made. This sets the knots so they won't come undone.
  • Less Sag - Another advantage of our design over the traditional netting is it has much less sag. With our ten foot sections and the fact that the netting is hung over the frame means considerable less sag, only a few inches rather than feet. Traditional cages normally have only three or four frames to support the netting. The weight of the netting causes tremendous sag, in some cases 2-3' of sag. It is not uncommon for a 12' high traditional cage to only have 9' of height clearance. Look at some of the pictures on the web and see. Most of the time the other cage manufacturers will only display drawings of their netting, of course with no sag!

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