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Learn to hit with Back Spin the true way to get added distance in crease ball bat exit speed
Back Spin Pop Up Ball Tosser-Upper 1 Man Soft Toss indoors in winter outdoors all year

Just the Best Baseball Equipment for the Serious Baseball Player and Teams

Treat Carpal Tunnel, Sprains, and more today!

Pop Up Ball Tosser-Upper 1 Man Soft Toss Watch Video
Make your Practice FUN! The Back Spin Automatic Pop Up Soft Toss Machine is a completely portable, foldable, fully Automated Battery Operated Soft Toss Training Machine on Wheels. The Back Spin Tosser Upper is the perfect soft toss instructor for all kinds of batting practice and fielding exercises. The patented electronic controls allow for an adjustable height range of 18" to 72" and a ball launch rate from 1 to 8 seconds. Made of aluminum, steel, high impact ABS plastic and comes with a twelve hour battery including battery charger.  Factory 5 year warranty. 2 year on battery. Warranty by Athlonic Company

The Back Spin is easy to store (12 inch foot print when folded) and fits in the trunk of a car! Perfect for power hitting practice, drag bunt or fake bunt slap drills. Dial controlled ball timed release for endurance drills and bat speed drills.  From 18 to 72 inches height adjustment.  Works with any type of ball - baseballs, softballs, or tennis balls. No other toss machine holds more: 25 Baseballs, Powerwiffs (an indestructible plastic baseball) or 16 Softballs for batting strength for gap/fence power (or for softball players wanting batting practice)! Works with any type of ball - baseballs, softballs, or tennis balls. The Back Spin Tosser Upper is the solution for pre batter warm up, practice stations and defense. Use it for defensive middle infield double plays , pitcher covering first,  catcher throw downs, bunting defense ball pickup drills and more.

Practice Bonus for cold weather locations the Tosser-Upper is ideal for indoor use with baseballs, safety balls and Powerwiffs...set up a net or large blanket in the garage or basement and continue batting 2-3 times a week all fall and winter. This machine pays for it self with savings from not having to to travel to a batting cage and buy $40 worth of tokens a month.
Safety feature ...You don't have to worry about a player getting hit by a ball or bat doing hand toss Used by players in the
Northwest Independent Baseball League a 16 Team Semi-Pro Adult League in Portland Oregon.
Pop Up Ball Toss  Zip Net Hurricane Net Drills


Electronic Height Control -1 to 6 Ft

Electronic Frequency Control-
1 to 6 seconds

Holds 25 Baseballs, whiffle balls, tennis balls,
or 16 Softballs 

Zero Time Setup

1 Sq. Ft. Storage Footprint

Rugged Construction-Steel and
High Impact ABS

5 Year Guarantee (2 on the Battery)


12 Hour Duty Cycle Before Recharging

24 V "Cell Power" Battery

24 V, 400 mA Battery Charger Included

Hitting Drills
Bat speed, slap, placement, quick wrist, and more

Use the proven

Power Hitting Hitting Jack-it
The Hitting Jack-it is a complete hitting training system with patent pending design. The product comes in four sizes to assist progressive training. The 9oz size develops bat speed and works fast twitch muscles. The 12oz size strengths hands and forearms, and improves muscle memory. The 16oz size develops power and the 21oz “on deck” size builds Big League power.

Defensive Drills
Ball Transfer second to short & short to second
Catcher at home on bunts, pop ups, ETC

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Toss Up Baseball Soft Toss
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Hitting jack-it batting weights for better bat speed
Power Hitting Hitting Jack-it

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