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PAYMENTS: We accept many forms of payment both online by PayPal, PayPal Credit, and phone orders including debit, credit Card (Visa, Master card, Discover, American Express), cashiers checks, Postal Money Orders. We process our transactions using secure transaction protection with our bank or Square payments.

RETURNS: All items must be returned in original condition with original packaging. Any products that have been used cannot be returned for any reason unless product is defective in which case you will need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. Custom ordered bats are not returnable for any reason with the exception that the bat was made incorrectly or arrived damaged. In regards to drop weights .5 ounces either way of your selected weight is acceptable and not grounds for a return. Damaged products will be swapped out for the exact same product only, you cannot change the order. Bats that arrive and are made incorrectly will be replaced with a corrected one. Any returns must be authorized within 15 days of the delivery date. Customer pays all shipping costs on general returns or exchanges. We pay all shipping costs for swaps on damaged or defective products, and on custom bats that were not made correctly. There will be a industry standard 20% restocking fee on general returns.

WARRANTY CLAIMS: All warrantied products on our site are warrantied by the manufactures themselves. You will need to contact the manufacture with your original receipt. Solid wood bats do not have a warranty of any kind (with the exception of Chandler Bats), if you feel you broke a bat because it was defective you will need to contact the manufacture, we do not replace broken bats.

SHIPPING: All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days delivery and it is the responsibility of you to contact the USPS for delayed shipping we will email you a receipt and tracking numbers upon shipping. Sometimes custom ordered bats are shipped direct from the respective manufacture after 2-6 weeks of production.

CUSTOM ORDERED BATS: Unless noted “In Stock” almost all our bats on this site are custom made to your specifications. They are made from scratch and require time to manufacture and deliver. Custom bats typically require 2-6 weeks to produce plus shipping time. These times are not always exact and we cannot guarantee delivery based on this posted estimate. Please order your bats with enough time so that they will be delivered in time for your season. Production times can vary due to time of year, orders in line and placed before yours etc... Take time to order in advance. In Stock bats listed on this site sometimes are sold out and we are awaiting shipment of orders placed on The following Day, these may take a few days to a week or two. We will make every attempt to notify you and this is why we ask you to add your phone number to PayPal orders. Stock bats typically ship within 1-3 days allowing time for payment to process completely. We make every effort in finding you a bat that not only helps you get more hits and has a warranty (Composite approved BBCOR.50) or all wood bats that have been tested in our adult wood bat league here in Portland Oregon. See nwibl.org

Note: Although we try to meet obligations set forth in our promotional material, we can not be liable for any failure to perform any such obligations by reasons of acts of God or the elements; acts, delays and failures to act by governmental authorities; delays or loss by USPS, riots, insurrections, terrorism, sabotage and war; interruption, suspension, curtailment or other disruption of utilities; or other matters beyond our reasonable control.

We do not manufacture anything any of the equipment or bats we sell therefore we are not responsible for any injury or loss of life from use of the products on this site. Wood bats can be dangerous. They can break, fly apart and hit people on and off the field. Please use carefully and use are your own risk Please when swinging a bat know your surroundings. The companies producing these items are established companies making bats to their specifications, not ours. By agreeing to our terms and conditions when you check out on our site you agree to not sue us and any of our owners, officers or employee's in any court of law, or hold us or any of our employee’s, owners or officers personally liable for damages in anyway shape or form.

CONTRACT TO PURCHASE When you click the "Click here to complete your order" button, we'll present you with a transaction information screen, order confirmation screen and a confirmation email if you submit your email address. If you don't submit an email address, your order confirmation and tracking information can't be sent to you. By placing your order, you agree to all terms and conditions listed above. For any and all inquiries not covered in this Terms & Conditions section, feel free to contact us via buywood @ woodbats4sale.com Portland Oregon
or phone at 503 208 2009

Our baseball bats are freshly made in the USA or to the north where the best hardwoods grow Canada
Thank you for visiting Wood Bats 4 Sale, we look forward to serving you.

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