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Wood Bats 4 Sale
Proud Sponsor of the Northwest Independent Baseball League Portland OR
Just the Best Selling Wood Bats, Composite Wood Bats, Fungo Bats, and Baseball Equipment for Demanding Baseball Teams and Serious Independent, Adult, College, High School, and Youth Baseball Players   Testimonials

Best Wood Bat Special
We sell wood bats and composite wood bats at a fair price, we're not cheap and we're not expensive.
Our price is just plain fai
r! Our service is our pledge.

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Buy a Baum Bat today at woodbats 4 sale BBCOR.50

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Composite Wood Bat Package
Best Bats Special

MacDougall Powerwood Bats 150 Day Warranty
KR3 Maple Magnum Bats 90 Day Warranty

The Best All Wood Composite Bats Made

These bats turn singles in to doubles and doubles into home runs

Order both bats for $349 and get Free USPS Priority Mail 2/3 Day Shipping

Pitchers Hate These Bats

BBCOR.50 MacDougall PowerWood Bats
All Sizes in Stock Order Now
31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, 34 inch

The hardest wood bat with outstanding hit power, Hickory Handle with the interlocking Hardened Birch Barrel 

M-14 Knob Handle or M-21 Flare
The PowerWood tm is all wood, laminated and remains true to the Baseball Tradition. They are NFHS and NCAA BBCOR.50 Certification Patent 7972229.

M110 Knob

M271 Flare

Sizes in Stock 32/29, 33/30, 34/31
Maple Magnum Composite 3 Month Warranty
Still has the large hitting area
and outstanding POP

Highest Density Core of Premium  Straight Grain 3 Ply Hi-Impact Birch
4 Outer Layers of Hard Maple with Grain  Alignment Laminated into Position to Ensure
Maximum Durability  Fibreglass Biaxial Sleeving with Rock Resin Epoxy
Power tested by players in the NWIBL
The All Wood Bat of the Future which has been tested in Canadian College labs and has been the focus of our R&D department for over 5 years. The design is a high density core made from our best Hi-Impact Timber, surrounded by 4 outer layers of our White Rock Maple with the grain alignment laminated accurately into position to ensure maximum durability. The bat is further strengthened with fiberglass biaxial sleeving applied with a rock resin epoxy. For a bat that not only lasts but remains solid and strong. Outstanding quality every time. Comes with a 90 day warranty  Available Turns: C271, M110

Best Wood Bat Package and Save
Both bats are NFHS and NCAA certified BBCOR.50

Why get only 1 Metal bat for $400 when you can get the 2 best wood bats made today

MacDougall POWERWOOD and KR3 Bats are Made for Demanding Baseball Teams, Serious Independent, Adult, College, High School, and Youth Baseball Players
They are used in Wood Bat Leagues and on Teams
 Both are BBCOR.50 Certified

Call With Special Orders 503 208 2009

MacDougall "PowerWood"  Bats are NFHS and NCAA approved BBCOR.50 Certified Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution certified.loss of energy at impact is what BBCOR measures. The less energy lost, the faster the ball speed after it gets launched off the bat.
INTRODUCING PowerWood 5.0 and comes with a 4 Month Warranty
Natural Blonde Special
 M-21 Flared Handel AND M-14 Knob 4 Month Warranty

The hardest wood bat with outstanding hit power M-14 Knob Handel

The hardest wood bat with outstanding hit power M-21 Flared Handel

MacDougall "PowerWood" 1 the Bat with "PowerPOP" means more hits,
higher batting average, and more team wins.


The PowerWood tm is all wood, laminated and remains true to the Baseball Tradition. No plastic, fiberglass, foam or metal rods. The NCAA approved it as a "solid wood bat" and was exempt from BBCOR testing but MacDougall Bat Company got BBCOR.50 Certification Patent 7972229.

Extra Tough
Testing at the Baseball Research Center showed the PowerWood bat to last about 10 times as long as a regular wood bat. This is achieved by a special laminating process, rock hard Hickory in the handle and Now Hardened Birch barrel for balance, hardness and more pop.
It's so tough we back it with a 4 month breakage warranty. It's the ONLY real solid wood bat with that!
This bat is equal in durability to Bats and has lots more Pop.

Sizes in Stock 32/29, 33/30, 34/31

Maple Magnum  3 Month Warranty

KR3 is a wood bat company that knows the wood bat business. Located in Canada with access to the best wood in North America both Pro and Amateur Wood bats have been in use since 1908. Throughout the past 106 years skills and techniques were past down through many generations of families whose dedication and passion to be the best bat makers paid off. Over 70,000 Major League bats were made in the Pro Shop here at this factory.  In 2011, KR3 bats were approved by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and received approval for professional play in North America and Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) approval of 4 models

KR3 was created from a desire to carry on this history, tradition and skill by choosing to take the Pro Shop and open its doors to make real professional bats for ball players within all levels of baseball. Todays Youth, High School, College, Independent, Semi-Pro and Adult Leagues can have access to over 100 years of Pro Bat making skills and in house secrets. We will fill your order request and plan sales to the USA and international Baseball Market. KR3 Continues to research bat shape and materials to place the best bat in baseball players hands, manufacturing 100% of their wood bats in Canada from the finest quality North American maple, yellow birch, hickory, and ash available. 

Offering the highest quality products and service to all of our customers is their first priority. Whether you choose in-stock or custom turning all of our bats are made to Major League standards.  Innovative wood/composite materials are added to magnum series bats to increase performance and durability. The Maple and Hickory Magnum are in the top 10 of the best wood bats made today and carry 3 and 6 month warranties.
We work closely with many players, teams and companies in many different countries and welcome all international orders.   Hickory Magnum 6 Month Warranty
With todays economy we have made it our mission to source quality wood bats that will last. They must meet our standards (we test each brand and model in game situations in the Northwest Independent Baseball League here in Portland Oregon) We want high quality bats that excel when the game is on the line, they have to be BBCOR.50 certified if they are a composite or laminated wood bat, and they have to have a warranty,
We do sell bats that do not have a manufactures warranty because our NWIBL players have convinced us that they exceed in performance, will last when used by players with proper training and have the quality we want to resale to our baseball clients. We sell wood bats and composite wood bats at a fair price, we're not cheap and we're not expensive. Our price is just plain fair! Our service is our pledge. USPS Priority Mail Shipping $15

The College and High School game has changed. If you want college and pro scouts to rate you, are you going to get more looks hitting with a wood bat or metal...I say wood, so use a composite wood KR3 Bat and get points for what you do with wood not what a scouts think you'll do.

If you need a wood bat that you can depend on every time you go to the plate no mater who the pitcher is, how fast he throws, what junk he tries to slip past you, the KR3 and the MacDougall PowerWood are the ones to arm yourself with. They just don't break..  They have the warranty to back them up and stat records with hitters that use them. Used by Baseball Players here in the Northwest Independent Baseball League,  the rest of thee USAA, Europe, Australia, Japan and Latin America, these bats have more pop and get more hits than BBCOR Metal bats when used by properly coached players. So the next time you step up to the plate....BE ARMED!!!  HAVE A KR3 OR AN ALL WOOD MACDOUGALLL POWERWOODD IN YOUR HANDS.....

The answer to taking hitting practice before a game or steeping into the batting cage for batting practice is to get at least 25-30 swings using our (PowerWiffs)  With these supper realistic poly plastic 9" baseballs with embossed red threads enable you to get an eye on how the ball looks when thrown by a pitcher. Tested by the Northwest Independent Baseball League with little to no plastic PowerWiffsTM baseballs splitting when hit by adult hitters using wood or composite wood bats. These 9" plastic training baseballs are perforated for restricted flight. They are great for up close batting drills or indoor play during the off season


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PowerWood & KR3 Magnum Bat Package Free Shipping
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To hit the ball you have to swing the bat...
Hear the Bat Swoosh
and Hit Better

Have a question on this or any of
our bats call me 503 208 2009
 I still play in the
Northwest Independent Baseball League a 18 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon.

All bats are League Tested
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Buying a wood bat is the most important item for today's ball player.  Please look our selections over as these
bats have been recommended by over 380 players of the

Northwest Independent Baseball League
a 16 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon.

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